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Olga Aleksandrova: Editorial and Brand Illustrator

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Represented by Art.lab Agency

Olga Aleksandrova, based in Central Asia, is an illustrator with
a unique background as a former architect. She specializes
in transforming complex ideas into metaphorical, creative worlds. Metaphor is a key element in all her works, allowing her to unravel intricate scientific texts into beautiful pieces filled with hints and allusions. Her work is vital for both society and the scientific community, promoting complex concepts to
a broader audience.

With her colorful, bold, and airy style, Olga simplifies and breathes life into intricate ideas. Her illustrations have been published in renowned publications such as The Washington Post, BBC Science Focus, Yandex, Impact Media Verlag, Harvard Business Review, Esquire, Wienerin, and many others. In addition her editorials work, her work has been represented by various brands, such as BABOR, Chivas regal, Indosole, Don't touch
my skin.


Selected Clients
The Washington post, The Nature UK, BBC Science focus, Harvard business review, Esquire,,, Betabrand, Blueprint, Yandex,, Grotto network, Wienerin, The Philosophers' magazine, Inpact media Verlag, Popshot magazine, Dombergerbrot Berlin, Brillo magazine, Don't touch my skin, NuJune, Over app, Ruby Aro blog, Dogfriendly map,  Thumbbstoppers,  Chivas Regal, Zoomadog, BABOR, Prand TV

Press release| Interviews
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a U-turn to the East
The C word Magazine, Explaining Complex Science Through Illustration with Olga Aleksandrova

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