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Hi there! My name is Olga Aleksandrova - Holaholga

Welcome to my online portfolio. I have been working as an illustrator and motion graphics artist since 2017.

I'm interested in creating a metaphorical world in each illustration. I try to bring up important topics in my illustrations, for example, environment, relationships and health. Because I'm dog lover and mum of two cutest dogs, dogs illustration is my passion.

Apart from drawing, I practice yoga for more than 7 years, and love to travel and hike! I'm adept of zero waste consumption, I've done one year without buying.It was a great challenge for me!

If you have a project you would like to discuss,
please get in contact with me.

I'm represented by Art.Lab Agency
You are able to write my agent



Selected Clients

Harvard business review, Esquire,, BABOR,, Betabrand, Blueprint, Yandex,,Grotto network, Wienerin, 
The Philosophers' magazine, Inpact media Verlag, Popshot magazine, Dombergerbrot Berlin , Brillo magazine, Don't touch my skin,
NuJune, Over app, Ruby Aro blog, Two and a half seams, Sobakin shop, Dogfriendly map,  Thumbbstoppers,  Chivas Regal,  Zoomadog

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